What's an Oceana

Formed in 2015 originally as a song development deal called The Lacie Marie Project, Oceana quickly grew into a full fledged band. Their unique sound: part folk, part rock, a splash of jazz, with a whiskey chaser, and indie as all get out.  

A songstress with a captivating voice, Lacie Marie De Souza comprises one half of Oceana. Gerard Estella songwriter, guitar noodler and piano monkey is the other half of Oceana. Through voice and song, they share their stories of love, loss and life.(And coffee.) (And cream.)

They recorded their first full length album in 2017 for Relentless Records part of Sony Music Entertainment UK. Released in the US in 2018, their first tour in support is starting this Fall with US legs before heading over the pond to find the hidden gems of European coffee and cream.

De Souza is no shrinking hippie flower child when she unexpectedly belts out "Kind of Woman," turning this sweet lilt into a rousing showstopper.”

— Cedar Rapids Gazette

As a composer, keyboard and guitar player, and band leader, he (Gerard) is one of those people who makes everyone around him sound better...and is the first call anyone in the Corridor makes when they need the music to be JUST right.”

— Creative Corridor Blog

I'm loving every track on this cd!!! You must purchase your copy (not a relative or family friend but an actual honest to goodness fan)”

— C. Sullenberger

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